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Paroles de Red, white & blue

Interprétées par Judas Priest

Album : British Steel (1980) - Remastered (1998) Edition Bonus Track
Paroles et Musique : Glen Tipton / Rob Halford

When I'm far away
And I can't get through
Wherever I roam
Keeps bringing me back to you

Holding on to hope
There's no need to fear
Wherever I roam
This piece of home
Keeps telling you that I'm near

So lift up your heart
Cause the brave will always come through
While we're apart
We will raise the red, white and blue

When I stand alone
Without you by my side
I think of all
That you stand for
It fills me up with pride

Reaching out to you
Across mountains, sea and sky
I think of all
That you stand for
And hope will never die

Now I'm coming home again
I'm coming home to you
And as I roam
This piece of home
Has brought me back to you

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