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Paroles de Oversun

Interprétées par Kiemsa

Girls are walkin' on the sea side
Boys are lookin' at their breast size
Stop thinkin' these things are bad
Boys just testin' their bloody eyes
Beach is hot, bottoms outside
A bitch shoots my head
And the sun is back ;
Surf'n'sea and body watch
Alco-smoke to sixty-nine...

I'm in "Oversun" on the radio
You're my summersun
And we play love
Sex and sea some yes'n'go
Listen baby we're ready for...

...We're ready for...
An "Oversun"

Hairs are killed with a machine gun
Skin fashion is a sun lotion
All is crap but we have fun,
All is fat but we could learn ;
So, after, I'm a winner,
We will believe together...
Then, ever, I'm a wanker
Till the end of the summer...


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