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Paroles de Fuck me

Interprétées par Kmfdm

Here I hide the severed head I keep alive
I've got bruises, lies, here's my pride......
Looking down the barrel of a 45

Stick me bleed me don't say you need me
Hit me suck me come on... fuck me
Fuck me
Fuck me
Fuck me
Fuck me

You don't have to look at the mantelpiece
When you're poking the fire

I'm young, dumb, full of fun
I feed my fire, my fist, and come
The light of my life is a switchblade knife
This gun becomes my lawful wife

I wanna kill, I wanna cut, hurt, shuttup
I wanna feel myself denied
I wanna feel this noose grow tight
I will defile and taste the bile
I will crawl that crooked mile
To caress your stubborn head
With an once of flamming lead

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