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Paroles de Damn

Interprétées par LeAnn Rimes

There you go again when you
Rub up against my skin
I have to catch my breath
I begin to sweat, oh
Lips tracin' down my neck
and it's scaring me to death
How'd you learn to draw me to the cliff
Just to push me off
Just to push me off the edge

Damn I hate the way you know me and
Damn you kill me when you hold me
Like I'm your world, like this won't hurt
Like a favorite curse hittin' every nerve
Damn I'm fightin' and I'm loosin' and
Damn you you're pullin' and I'm pushin'
I'm wrestlin' with,
I toss and twist
Till finally I give in, damn

I hate bein' addicted only
You would have predicted that
I'd be torn and worn so thin
You can see right through
You can see right through my soul


I get reckless, scrared, confused
I feel desparate so for you
And you know it, you know it
You know it, yes you do


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