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Paroles de Never Getting Fucked With Anibody

Interprétées par LeAnn Rimes

oh,oh,oh, i know that, it's to difficult ...

you know,if you met a boy,
who say "i love you" or "you're very cute,even if i don't know u.Do you want to leave with me",
don't be stupid,say no,'cause you know what is it, so listen this:


please,(please) don't be ridiculus,let nobody,take you for a fool ,

so, never getting fucked with anibody...

if it's no,it's no! if you want, ok,but don't regret that after ,think before your act,

it's really important,and if you're alone ,speak with listen this:


oh,yeah ,yeah ,don't be stupid...for a,never getting fucked with anibody...

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