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Paroles de Born To Die

Interprétées par LeftÖver Crack

Born to die and you get to sit and watch yer t.v. set
believe the lies before yer eyes credit cards & apple pies
50 stars to blind yer eyes 13 stripes to hypnotize
free thought is gone you'll never see yer just a pawn
you'll die tomorrow but today yer empty dreams just fade away
evaporate, dissolve to hate while you survive and wait
until a lifeless fate yer stupid lives just piddle on
you slave fer others and then your gone i just can't escape the lying
the moment we are born we're dying and it's such an ugly sight

we have no rights
we have no future
no reasons why
just born to die

yer dumb self can't appreciate the freedom in my thought
the weak sense of autonomy when i'm drinking in C-squat
that empty void was never filled but the dreams of others
you helped kill you'll justify, will linger on
but don't ya know that dreams all die the day your born

* we have no god's
there's only ignorant bliss
no reasons why
we're born to die

gone to bed, god is dead
lies & truth are in my head
your history, economy, society
it isn't me, it's all on you
reality, it's what ya do
it's what ya make the truth in lies
the freedom dies, the mind it numbs, the spirit breaks
with all our rights it kills our future
our reasons why
we're born to die
just born to die

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