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Paroles de You weren't there

Interprétées par Lene Marlin

She come home just won the game
long time struggle she fulfilled her dream
all she wanted was to make you proud
you weren't there...
Had his birthday a few days ago
he got some presents
a big party too
and there were congratulations cards
as it used to be for
not ever one from you...
Refrain:You weren't there, distant far away, it's like this every day, I see it in there heads, wonder if you'll come, afraid to close their eyes, and miss you once again...
She cut herself on a piece of paper
it didn't hurt but she saw the blood
she could need that embrace
you weren't there....
Did he have to cry louder?
would that make you hear him?
you see his heart was broken
for the first time...
You cannot turn back time
I wish that to come true
they're making up these strories about you...
Miss you once again....

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