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Paroles de Full Hundred

Interprétées par Lexxus

You know two thousand
Two hundred and one baby

Have a new style wha dem call it?
Full Hundred
Weh mi say di style name again now, full hundred
Everything wi do wi a gi dem full hundred
If a modelling, we a gi dem, full hundred
Pretty car wi a gi dem, full hundred
fi di whole two thousand wi a gi dem, full hundred
Gi dem full hundred, gi dem full hundred

Life is worth the living, so wha wi do?
Live it to dem
A thousand now, so so wha wi a go do?
Give it to dem
War dem want, black talon
Wi just sieve it to them
Give it to them, give it to them and give it to them
All dem a flip up, caan come near mi then
Them an dem gun talk really naah scare mi then
Mi see dem a flip up but mi know them caan scare mi then
Scare mi then, scare mi then, scare mi then


Guess who's back inna the new millenium
Di likkle mawga bwoy a bus the whole place down
Hum, hot a fire weh wi come fi bun
A who nuh love the fire weh a bun betta run
Hum, how dem start the war and want it done
Them neva know wi buss it until wi finger numb
But hum, from yuh love the tune den wi a cum
A one more ghetto youth a bust outa di slum


Di gal dem waan tun mi sterring wheel
And waan move mi gear stick from side to side
A so di gal dem waan shift
Now, ave yuh ever seen a pretty car like this
That's why mi madda did name mi Criss
But, ring off mi cellie and gi them full hundred
Gonna mek some money and gi them full hundred
Tell dem say mi naw wi a gi dem full hundred, gi dem full hundred
Every night mi go a bed mi pray gi dem full hundred
Cook, cook, cook, tell them say wi gi them full hundred, full hundred
Everything wi do wi gi dem full hundred


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