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Paroles de Ghetto girls

Interprétées par Lil Bow Wow

CD Beware of dog
[Lil Bow Wow]
Like when Janet was Justice, that's what I'm talkin bout
A shorty that can tell you when the J's come out
Get creative wit the haircuts like T-Boz
Fav'rite rappers is Bow Wow, Snoop, JD, and Nas
Always up in somebodys face tryna fuss
And to get where she goin' she can take the bus
Like when Jada was peaches in the movie Shame
Or the type you can find sittin at a Ruckus game
They only like dealin wit cats that love to floss
Only like rockin the stuff that really cost
Lip Gloss shinin, tattoos on her back
Attitude like Mary J., mixed wit Brat
You can find them at a beauty shop, mall, or church
Name Brand from head to toe, with the matchin purse
So all that suddity stuff, ya'll can keep
Cuz only those that keep it ghetto get to ride with me fo sho
[chorus](Jagged Edge)
Ghetto girls
They like hot boyz, that push hot toys
And ball wit the best of them
Ghetto girls , they rock braids in different shades
And in the kitchen fix the bomb kool-aid
Ghetto Girls they think they can hang
They talk more slang than I do
Ghetto girls, that's all, I like so tell me baby is that you
[Lil Bow Wow]
When they roll wit they man like you won't believe
Switch the color on their hair like E-V-E
When they talk like I talk but walk like a lady
Snap when I snap and get a little crazy
I love that, especially when they bought the cheese
The type that won't fron't on some Mickey D's
Bandanas to barettes, Daisy dukes and spandex
All that's good wit me, I like 'em G-H-E-T-T-O
Don't believe me she gots to go
At the corner store buyin' up all the sweets
From choo-choo's to Rice Krispy treats on my street
That's all I see like everyday, and they do what they do in a crazy way,
hang wit the ballers so they neva pay
And they usually got a name that's hard to say Ya heard!
(Lil Bow Wow)
uh, let's talk about it now
If you know what I mean shorty let yo'self be seen ya heard
If you know what I mean, shorty let yo'self be seen uh-uh
If you know what I mean shorty let yo'self be seen ya heard
If you know what I mean shorty let yo'self be seen uh-uh

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