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Paroles de Puppy love

Interprétées par Lil Bow Wow

CD Beware of dog
[Lil Bow Wow]
Yo, I'm lookin for girl
Girls that can give me puppy love ya know?
Yeah, its' goin down right here
West coast barl on
East coast bark on
Dirty South bark on
yeah (come on, come on, come on)
All young girls beware this pups off tha chain
A gritty lil sumpin' down here puttin down pain
Since I was six,runnin wit the pound it's been goin down
from city to city, town to town
They runnin up screamin my name
Runnin up, grabbin' my chain
Runnin' tryna get in the game
I'm like ma don't get it twisted
If we kick it,get your bark on
Hope ta God, you see me again when I'm grown
Type of playa, but it ain't
It just sounds like that
Cuz I'm just to young to get down like that
Hit the movies, hit the malls
Then come out wit big bags
Next day do lunch then head to six flags
But it dont' mean nothin we just havin some fun
Even though I may have told you on the run your the one
I'm sorry lil shorty I gotta take that back
Cuz I'm just to yougn to get down like that so...
[chorus] (Jagged Edge) 2x
(You can't believe)
Not a word that I be sayin to you
(It's plain to see)
girl I just be playin wit ya
(Girl you and me, see it's just puppy love, Ohhhh)
Bark on baby, bark on, bark on
[Lil Bow Wow]
Even if you're 3 years older than me
And call yourself noticin me
And my mind set don't change
I might up my game but the story that I tell them when I tell it,
It remains the same
You wouldn't believe how they be comin' at me
Steady, steady tryna throw suthin' at me
Like I'ma get happy
Just because Honey got a learner's permit
Can come and scoop me after school
Like I'm supposed to be on it
Naw, ain't no sippin over here
It's Big Pimpin' over here
And I hope that I make myself clear
That when it comesto honies, yo I got too many
And I ain't tryna get serious til I'm up in my 20's.
Its just the paper that I'm after
The drop wit the top I'ma cop when I'm able
Abd that's all that matters
So if I told you sumthin' shorty
I'm takin that back
Cuz I'm just too young to get down like that
[Chorus] 4x

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