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Paroles de You already know

Interprétées par Lil Bow Wow

CD Beware of dog
uh huh, uh huh, uh
Get Money
Bow Wow, So So to the Def
You already know
To thou Bow Wow
here we go, yeah
[ Lil Bow Wow]
I'ma young playa wit his dough right (you already know)
A young playa wit his flow right (you already know)
I'm fromt he home where niggas blow (you already know)
Ain't gotta say it, how we play it girl (you already know)
Lil man wit a chunk risk (you already know)
You ain't never seen nobody like this (you already know)
And them niggas that I run wit,
They done had hit after hit after (you already know)
Been ridin' shotgun girl (you already know)
200 drop when I got one (you already know)
Now all I wanna do is see ya hands up,
Makin everybody dance girl (you already know)
I like girls wit sumthin in the trunk (you already know)
Bow Wow, teacher of the funk (you already know)
So you can walk or you can ride ( you already know)
Cuz this is So So Def for life, now let's go
I ain't gonna frontm yeah I'm all abou the mon-ey
I ain't gonna front I gotta keep my flow
I ain't gonna front,yeah I'm all about the honies when they shake, shake,
bounce you already know
[Lil Bow wow]
Bout to change the face of this game huh? (you already know)
Since age 8, doin' thangs huh? (you already know)
A lil' teen ya'll ain't gotta watch (you already know)
teen makin' more than yo pops huh? (you already know)
All them big thangs we bout (you already know)
A lil dog but I'm thugged out (you already know)
I keep it comin, I don't let up (you already know)
Who got your girls head messed up (you already know)
Ain't no droughts, I stay workin' (you already know)
600 stretch with the curtain (you already know)
Who's the milleniuum thriller?
I'ma natural born killer B (you already know)
It's a new dog on the loose huh? (you already know)
Tryna stop him, ain't no use huh? (you aready know)
Odds is bloodshot red, heart full of burn, it's my turn, yo let's go

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