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Paroles de 10 Commandments

Interprétées par Lil'kim

[Verse 1: Lil Mo]

Ladies I wrote me a manual How to keep your man These rules you must follow
My 10 commandments (oo oo oo) Let me break it down for you Rule number 1
Never give him someone to turn to at night Rule number 2 Never bring your man
around your crew Rule number 3 Never call him first let him call you Rule
number 4 Never let him know your every move Rule number 5 Never tell him
about your past How many other lovers you've had How many other lovers went
bad Make no exceptions If you want it to last


Girl you got to understand him If you want to keep your man whipped Follow my
10 commandments And he'll keep coming back for more And more and more

[Verse 2: Lil Mo]

Rule number 6 Never mix business with pleasure Rule number 7 Never move in
unless he tell you Rule number 8 Never tell your friends about your bedroom
Rule number 9 Never let them know his shoe size Rule number 10 Should have
been rule number 1 Cos If you give in on the first night Make sure you ride
that thing Scream his name And he'll be yours for life Cos you know your
excited (Cos you know your excited) And you just can't fight it And you wanna
tell all your friends But you've got to make sure loves intact Because you
want him to keep coming back

[Chorus 2x]

There's never no such thing as giving him to much Cos if you want to wed with
your man You can never give enough Cos you get excited And wanna tell
everybody But you've got to make sure Loves intact Then it will help you
bring him back

[Verse 3: Lil Kim]

I've been in this thing for years It made me an animal Me and my girl Mo
wrote you'll a manual Step by step booklet for you to keep Your man in place
And out the next girls' face Rule number 1 Never give a dude money Girl
don't be a dummy Let the homie stay bummy Cos once he start, He don't stop,
That's it And all he gonna do is spend it on the next chic Rule number 2
Before you give him some It's your way Shop in a new car Now that what I call
for play Now don't get me wrong Respect your man But if dude gets out of line
Then check your man Rule number 3 Should have been rule number 1 Never go
down Till he licks you round Your neck, your back, your puss and ass crack
Rule number 4, 5 and 6 Very important lessons Keep your man guessing Never
let him see you stressing And if you love heres 7, 8, 9 and 10 Never ever
ever mess with his friend See if you follow these You'll have mad red to
breaka house on the beach And mad trips to jaca He'll be home at night
cooking you a steaka And he'll keep coming back for more On the wake up

[Chorus 2x]

Understand If you want to keep your man And you want to hold on to him Keep
your man whipped Follow my 10 commandments Ha You got it Ha Keep coming back
for more Understand Keep your man My command More and more and more More and
more and more

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