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Paroles de Another soldier

Interprétées par Macka B

I can see a soldier marching off to war
Does he know what he is fighting for?
Another soldier gone on the attack
But will he come back?

You will find a certain kind of people on the front line
Certain kind of people have to walk in a mine
Certain kind of people get cripple and blind, every time
Fighting wars and some of them don't even know what is the cause
Following their orders just because
And if they disagree they lock them up behind bars
And some of them are just children, marching forward to die
Fighting a war and they don't know why
Mamma and Papa are in their yard, they are cryin'
And the so-called leaders eating caviar and drinking champaign
They start the war and cause so much pain
If they were on the front line would they do the same?


It can be true that the enemy is very much like you
He has got a wife and children too
Following his orders just like you, do you hear me?
All you know you have to kill one another bo-bo-bo
Killing people that you don't know
Why? Because the leaders say so
Me and you have a fight we finish it ourselves
But the leaders of the world they use somebody else
People on the front line they don't care 'bout your health
All they are concerned with is money and wealth


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