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Paroles de Through The Rain

Interprétées par Mariah Carey

when you are caught in the rain,with no where to run, when you distraught and in pain,without anyone,when you keep cryin out to be saved, but nobody comes and you feel so far away,that you just cant find your way home,you can get there alone it's ok,what u say is

refrain:I can make it through the rain,I can stand up once again on my own and I know that im strong enough to mend,and every time I feel afraid,I hold tighter to my faith,and I live one more day,and I make it through the rain.

and if u keep falling down,don't you dare give in,you will arise safe and sound,so keep pressing on steadfastly,and you'll find what you need to remain,what you say is


and when I and shadows grous close,don't be afraid,there's nothing you cant face,and should they tell you you'll never pull through,don't hesitate stand tall and say


I can make it through the rain,and I live one more day and I,I can make it through the rain,you will make it through the rain.

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