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Paroles de Saturday night

Interprétées par Mary-Kate And Ashley

Saturday Night
I'm waiting for the night when we can go crazy
Don't sit around no time to be lazy
Pump up the jam just as hard we can
I need my friends around me 'cause I'm gonna take a stand

On Saturday, Saturday night
Yeah we'll show 'em what it's all about
On Saturday night, Saturday night

And we just can't wait 'til Saturday night
Be with our friends and everything's alright
We'll kick of our shoes and really cute loose
Yeah, we just can wait 'til Saturday night
Saturday night

Well, we'll get made up, dressed up
Everyone will know we mean business
What's up ? they'll say
Tell me what is this ?
Nobody in our way that's the way we like it
Better move over boys, cause on


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