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Paroles de Tell me

Interprétées par Mary B

Sometimes I think without knowing
I'm hoping without believing
Once I'll have to let you go away, your way
But I keep all love for you
I will never forget you
I'm still screaming that you
You know why
I am the way I am
When I'm waiting for a sign

Please just tell me If you understand
The way I think about you
Please just tell me and gimme your hand
I need time I need you
You've beautiful smiles lovely eyes
I'm crazy about you
Life's like this you

And Every time I see you walking
On the street all time you're thinking
Are you really in love
Are you still bleeding again
But I'm still being doubtful
I don't know do you think I'm a fool?
I was hurt I shut up
But although I stay in the shadows
I'll be there for you now


I woke up with a start I saw you in my dream
Explain me just why were you crying
Is anybody arming to you?

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