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Paroles de Keep It Moving

Interprétées par Mary J Blige

Some come around me try'na call my bluff
Pushing my buttons just to see if I'm tough
Behind my back spreading all kinds of lies
'Cause you're an agent working on both sides
Hanging around me try'na get some shine
But mad at me because I work for mines
Those sweat and tears just to make a dime
While you sit back and try to take what's mine

Don't let 'em push you to the limit
'Cause they like it alot
And if they not with you,
Then tell them to just keep it moving

'Cause you aint even got no business hating on me
And I'm sorry that you feel this way
But you can just
Keep it moving, keep it moving yeah!

Lyricaly, mentaly, physicaly
I'm trying my best to better myself
And no one else
But your so busy thinking that this moneys'
Gonna turn me to someone else
And settle for less

Get your own life
On your own time
Stop hangin around
Try'na drain me dry
I been broke before
I can't do it no more
But If I had to it wont be over you
No one in this world
Can make me self-destruct
If you listen real close
You will hear just what I'm Try'na
Say to you, you and your crew
So stop sittin 'round waiting
On me to lose

You aint got no business
You aint got no business hating on me and don't even know me

Sorry that you feel this way
I said sorry that you feel
But I work for mines

Don't let 'em push ya
Keep it moving
You aint got no business
You dont even know me
I'm just try'na tell you
I'm not gonna let them
I said I'm not gonna let them
Push me over no mountain, no _____, no building
Just keep it movin'
Keep it movin'
Go'ne with that
Go'ne, go'ne, go'ne, go, go, go
If you're not with me
Then you're not with my family
Keep it moving, yeah
Keep it moving, yeah
Keep it moving, yeah

I gotta keep it moving
Everybody try'na test the water
Always wanna see if I say what I am
In every magazine but that be me
Right down to the nitty gritty, yeah yeah

I'm where I say I'm from, yeah yeah
I'm where I grew up, yeah yeah yeah yeah

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