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Paroles de Don't let go

Interprétées par Massari

Dont let go of my body shorty
I know what u want
What I can do from the back
I can do from the front, yea
So y u choosin to front
Forget your man
What I do in a day
He couldnt do in a month
And I'm known as a live hype man
Cus I can turn 1 night
Into a 5 night stand
I got a plan to take the world over
So tell ur boy
That belly got plans to take his girl over
No man theres no chance to hold hands
Slow jamz, no I dont ro-mance
So wat could be u and me leavin the club
Wait a minute
Ur in need of a thug(haha)

Don't let go of my body shorty
I know what u want
Movin your body
It got me holdin u closely
I wanna come give u love
Over and over until the night turns to morning
And lady just so u know
I would of never expected the way that u put it on me
And now I cant get enough
At first u were bluffing but now I know that u want me

Shorty u just got to know
That ur mans got to go
He aint doin nothin for you
So u can creep on the low
Come and knock on the door
And I can do somethin for you
And now your thinking so different about em
Actin so different around em
Goin to places without him
Becuz it means that he started

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