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Paroles de Answers and prayers

Interprétées par Mentake

Tell me what this means to you
Tell me what you feel for me
Tell me everything that's on your mind
And tell me would you understand

Tell me was this life so bad
And did you really have to run away
And tell me are you on your own
Tell me is this what you looked for

So i keep on searching
Searching for answers
Answers and prayers
Answers to everything that I need
So I'll keep on searching
Searching for myself
Cause i've lost myself with you

I've lost myself with you

Tell me did you have to lie(Why did you)
You used me every single day
And did you have to make it seem(Once again)
Like everything was alright


You're laughing and joking at my expense
We're waiting,evolving but nothing's changing
Still bleeding but standing again for good


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