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Paroles de Scandalous

Interprétées par Mis-teeq

Intro: Welcome to the Mis-Teeq boutique
If your man's not doing good by you
Shop around
Shop around
V1: Girls say you’re lookin' for a man one who understands
One to pay your bills and gives you good lovin' One man to treat you right, hold you through the night
He makes you feel you are a special woman
B1: A good man stands by his word
Has nothing to prove not to his boys
He'll always treat you like a lady
So if your boo's runnin' game on you
Playin' with your mind bag him up
Girl stop wasting time
He's got no respect he can't represent
Got no regrets keep steppin'
C1: Shop around scope him down
If he's right hold tight oh girl (and if he's not)
Stamp reject and keep on movin' on
Shop around scope him down
If he's right hold tight oh girl (and if he's not)
Stamp reject and keep movin' on
V2: Creepin' browse in every store
Sales on every floor
So take your time you've got to be selective
No doubt surely you will find
That once upon a time kind of love
Until you do just keep on searchin' for love
B2: (As B1)
C2: (As C1)
M8: Now I'll take this time
To say what's on my mind
The secrets and the lies he tells
Will hurt your precious mind
Don't fall in love too blind
Got to open up your eyes
Don't like the way your man behaves
He'll feed you every little line he can
Rap: It's this quick
All I need is a colour and some lipstick
Number in your pockets
All the papers where they ripped it, fixed it
No I wouldn't even risk it
Most of the so called playas are oilier than a dipstick
See them in the rave, try their best to behave If you're whack get your money back 14 days
So if you want another lover
Something kind of prim and proper
And you're gonna ditch your brother
Girl then you know you gotta
C3: (As C1)
C4: (As C1)

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