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Paroles de Checkin' for you

Interprétées par Missy Elliott

See its two types of bitches in the world
You got a broke bitch, you got a rich bitch
That would explain what I am and what my girl Missy is
We da rich is motherfuckin' bitches that's right
Then you got bitch like me who just stand above all bitches
That excludes my girl Missy, Mary, you know what I'm sayin'
But y'all know what the fuck I mean, heh
I'm the Queen Bee that's right motherfucker what?
Y'all got a problem wit it, come see me

A motherfucker ain't taken my title
Or my girl Missy title or my girl Mary title

What, that's right see only bitches like us is allowed
To play a game of chess, you see a real queen needs a king
You damn mother fuckin' right I don't want no nigga layin' up
Under me that can't do for me
What I can't do for my mother fuckin' self

So when y'all see me in the street
This is what I want y'all to do fix your lips,
Put 'em together nicely and say
Say it along now, say it along now,
Say she's a bitch

I was walkin' real slow to one dance floor
He was lookin' at my ass and I turned him on
I seen him talkin' to his boy on the cellphone
I looked at him and all he could say was damn baby bring it on

I talk shit but I come thru like a storm I keep my piece
So sweet, yeah, nice and warm and all he could feel
Was this love baby

I don't give a fuck about what they think, what they say
They can call me a freak, call me anything they wanna name

I don't give a, I don't give a
I just wanna take him home,
Take him to the house, then turn 'em out
He ain't checkin' for you

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