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Paroles de Throw your hands up

Interprétées par Missy Elliott

Yo, it's the queen bee and I came to say a little something
On my girl Missy's shit you see I got something to say
That's right I got a problem
I got a problem with all y'all mother fuckers out there
That got a problem with us callin' ourselves a bitch
Yeah that's right I said it mother fucker bitch what
You see, bitch is a strong word
And only strong bitches could use that mother fuckin' terminology bitch
I mean if you can't wear the name don't try to use it, shucks!

Throw your hand up if you like to get high
To make a fat beat so we could party all night
If you got beef you got to take it outside
Throw your wrists up and let me see your eyes shine

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