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Paroles de My best friend

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One knows since one is quite small
And from the first day when one met
One swore itself
To remain always friendly
Whatever it arrives
This meeting changed my life
You restored me the peach
I promises you, thaht together, one will always party

I consider you as my big sister
You will always be present in my heart
When you will have problems
For me has no problems there
I shall always be there to comfort you

We have no same tastes
But it doesn't much matter
It is not as far as I shall slam the door
You are too dear to me
Know that I am proud
To have you as friend


In case of boredom
You are there to help me
You are really the best
Nobody girls
Arrive at you to the ankle
Now, you do party of the family

When one does the lunatics
And what one laughs
It is thanks to you
You always have the words for it mess around
It is with you that one bursts most

I hope that I too
I am your best friend
Because I do not want to lose you
I shall do all that it is necessary to remain tour friend


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