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Paroles de B - movie scream queen

Interprétées par Murderdolls

Another dead girl on the tube
She's my lilly munster crawling from her tomb
Dark black circles around her eyes
Cold dead lips and a crooked spine
She's the living dead, she's a ghoulish fiend
She's the deadest girl of my dreams
Loving her is like a lobotomy
A late night creature feature starring you and me
She's evil as she wants to be
She's evil and she's meant for me
She's a b-movie scream queen
My monster girl on the screen
She's a b-movie scream queen
Oh yeah, oh no

Welcome to my nightmare, face down in the dirt
The bride of frankenstein in a mini-skirt
And where she's going they don't know

But it's going direct to video
Smile for the camera, open up your eyes
My monster girl's too dead to die
She's evil walking on the silver screen
She scares me to death but that's what I need
(lead: joey)
My morticia, the one for me
My lilly munster, pale as can be
My vampira, my wicked bitch
My elvira, getting so lovesick
She's a b-movie scream queen
My living dead evil thing
She's a b-movie scream queen
Oh yeah, oh no

I said oh no

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