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Paroles de Hate Me Now

Interprétées par Nas

Escobar season has returned...
Its been a long timebeen a long time comin'Looks like the death of me nowBut you know, there's no turning back now.This is what makes me.This is what I am.
You can hate me now (QB)But I won't stop now (Real Niggas)Cause I can't stop now (Bravehearts)You can hate me now (C'mon)But I won't stop nowCause I can't stop nowYou can hate me nowYou can hate me nooow
Do it now, Do It now, Verse 1:
Don't hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buyIce that I wear, clothes that I tryClose your eyes, picture me rollin,sixes, money foldinBitches honeys that swollenthe riches, nas get in yamost critically acclaimed pulitzer prize winnerbest storyteller thug narrator my style's greatermodel dater, big threat to a lot of you haterscommentators bring aside try watchin my paperalmost a decade quite impressivemost of the best is in the essencefor this rap shit that I stand forexpanding more to the big screenbill gates dreamsbut it seems youd rather see me in jailwith state dreamswant me off the scene fastbut good things lastlike your favorite m.c. still makin' some mean cashfirst rapper to bring a platinum plaqueback to the projectsbut you still wanna hate, be my guestI suggest
Do it now

Do it now, I told you do it now
Verse 2:
You wanna hate me then hate mewhat can I do?but keep gettin moneyfunny I was just like youI had to hustle hard never give upuntil I made itnow y'all sayin that's a clever nigganothing to play withhate on me, I blew but I'm the same ol GPeople warn me, when you're on top there's envytook my niggas out the hood but you doubt on ussayin' we left the hoodbut can't get it out of usMy bad, should I step out my shoesgive 'em to you?here's my car and my houseyou can live in that toocriticize when I flow for the streetshate my dress codeGucci this, Fendi thatwhat you expect hoenickname escotook this game to its thresholdbest flow I bet the whole U.S. knowtry to make it like you the realestbut who the illest?think we all know the answer to thatcause niggas feel this right
Do it now
Verse 3:
Its a thin line between paper and hatefriends and snakes, nine millis and thirty-eightsHell or the pearly gatesI was destined to comepredicted, blame God, he blew breath in my lungssecond to none, wicked turn wives to widowsshoot through satin pillows, the desolate onetook a little time to claim my spotchairman of the board until this game stopand I side with the Lordride for the causewhile driving, niggas shot out my doorsplottin, I'm sure to catch mewith they glocks to my jawtry stickin me up but Ibut I flipped on these ducksInstead of meambulances were picking them up Chorus (x2)(Do it now, do it now)(do it now, do it now)(c'mon)(Hate me now, hate me now)(C'mon niggas, c'mon niggas)(do it now, get the shit over with)(it ain't gonna ever stop niggas)

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