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Paroles de Intuition

Interprétées par Natalie Imbruglia

CD Left of the middle

Everybody's been in my face,
Tellin' me I gotta make a change,
All I hear day and night is "You better hurry up and get a life",
I need some direction, Cause the clock is ticking away,
Then a friend of a friend of mine,
Says I've really been on his mind,
And wants to go out and check out what the feelings about,
Says we have deep connection - well it sure is news to me,
And all I can say is,
Intuition tells me how to live my day,
Intuition tells me when to walk away,
Could have turned left, could have turned right,
But I ended up here, Bang in the middle of real life,
Then another one always says - she'd do anything to get ahead,
She doesn't care if she has to scratch and claw to get in the door,
She wants her 15 minutes of fame and 20 would be nice,
But I guess it's her life,
Cause intuition tells me I'm doing fine,
Intuition tells me where to draw the line,
Could have turned left, Could have turned right,
But I ended up here, bang in the middle of real life,
Should have turned left, but I turned right,
And I ended up here,
And I feel all right,
You make it hard for me,
Can't find the real you, You really think that I can't see,
What it is that your trying to do,

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