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Paroles de One more addiction

Interprétées par Natalie Imbruglia

CD Left of the middle
First the good news,
It's gonna feel very nice,
Then the bad news,
You gotta pay a heavy price,
Rip tide, we slide we ride on a deep forbidden sea,
Under we go - so slow,
And you're hanging onto me,
And I say, oh oh one more addiction in my world,
Oh one more connection to let go,
Oh floating down the river,
Out of sight forever (from my world)
It's the only thing I know how to do,
Reject you, but I can't follow through,
I'd forget you, but you'd end up taping on my back door,
Somehow I lost myself,
In a tunnel long and black,
Somewhere, at the end, I pretend,
There's a way of turning back
Take a breath, let it out,
All the things you frown about are meaningless of course,
Unless you're doing this for real I guess,
I meant to but, I don't know what,
Is in the way I could I say,
It's you I bet, I won't forget,
Maybe I'm not ready yet.

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