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Paroles de Love is on our side (l'amour a pris son temps)

Interprétées par Nathalie Simard

(Robert Léger / Danièle Faubert / Germain Gauthier)

Goodbye on wonderland
There are ever happy ends
Time to say goodbye for all
The snow is nothing fast
Those nothing things to lost
They are joy we have known

Let see the battle and friends
The game is over
Just take my hands
And love is on our side
No one can take our love away
For now the new year have to start
Our love is on our side
Even with something on play
Our love is special in our heart

Castle in the snow
I bravely send to you
Thins thing is too load
Friendship come and go
But fiendship past to grow
And enjoy to alive.

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