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Paroles de Zero zero ufo

Interprétées par Nina Hagen

A UFO in Malibu
Where it came from, I don't know
I just woke up and there it was, paralyzing Mrs. Hagen-dazs
I saw it with my own two eyes, hey I'm not telling you any lies
Pink, blue, purple and yellow
Goodness gracious, I felt so mellow

Zero Zero Zero Zero UFO UFO (x2)
Uh-oh, here we go!

The Gods of aquarius are coming with UFOs
And they love me and they love you
And what they have to say is true
The good old communication with Holy Spirits of Gods creation is true,
but our church denies it
God when will they realize it?

Zero Zero Zero Zero UFO UFO (x2)
That's right

The power of the UFO was bigger than me and I must know
I couldn't move, I couldn't groove
I just heard the Higher Power

Zero Zero Zero Zero UFO UFO

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