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Paroles de All the love in the world

Interprétées par Nine Inch Nails

Watching all the insects march along
Seem to know just right where they belong
Smears of face reflecting in the chrome
Hiding in the crowd I'm all alone

No one's heard a single word I've said
They don't sound as good outside my head
Looks as though the past is here to stay
I've become a million miles away

Why do you get all the love in the world?

All the jagged edges disappear
Colors all look brighter when you're near
All the stars afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could

Why do you get all the love in the world?

Why am I always watching from the outside?
On the other side of the glass behind glass
Always watching everyone separate
Watching always don't touch this is getting deeper
As time goes by the water's getting colder
Here I am surrounded by people but still all alone
Even with myself imprisoned in my head
And there doesn't seem to be any way to get out
And I am so fucking sick of here wish I was there
Right beside is still a million miles away
Behind these bars in a rut any place will do

Hello? Didn't think so
Broadcasting only static coming in
No one can hear me when I'm in here

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