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Paroles de Autumn Breeze

Interprétées par No Angels

Verse 1

So hard to trust that you can live and be sure
I made a promise that I wonder no more
I dream myself to all the good things in life
My happiness I won't sacrifice

I made a change more messin' around
Now I got my feet heppin' on the ground
No longer runnin' with no place to go
Don't tell me that it isn't so


Now the rain has gone
And I'm movin' on
Like a gentle autumn breeze
No I won't hold on
'Cause it won't be long
'till I
I'm cruisin' on a autumn breeze

Verse 2

Gotta keep believin' that I'm free
No guys or shackles gonna ever hold me
Look out for myself that's what I'm gonna do
Ain't lockin' for somebody new

I've got my reasons why I'm feelin' this way
See people take love and just throu it away
No longer hidin'
This is where I wanna be
I'm flyin' like the wind on the sea

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