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Paroles de Huck it

Interprétées par Offspring

Hitting walls for a feat
With our friends and we hear this free
All the dogs dropping bombs he see

Huck it
You don't advertise
You won't agonize
Huck it
'Cause you realize
You don't need to justify
That cable show is not the lives we know

Drop a bomb in the publics eye
Fuck the sponsors they always lie
You are pointing to go fast and go

Broken bombs and baking skin
Notify your next of kin
You'll know you'll come alive some day

Huck it
Now you feel alive
Stinks like shit all the time
Huck it
Its like you gotta try
Risky shit by the time
You can not practice lay it on the line

Huck it
Now you're down in luck
'Cause you don't give a fuck
Huck it
And go by the time
You go out doing what you know
No talking shit just leave it all and go home

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