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Paroles de I spy

Interprétées par Ophélie Winter

I am wise beyond my years
I will not give in to fears
Speculation and idle chatter
Ain't no skin
Doesn't really to have to matter
I spy with own eyes
Something that could make me cry
If I let myself
I hear with own my ears
Something that could bring a tear
To someone else
U can try to hurt my pride
Get to see my weaker side
No temptation no sedative
Instead I'm satyin' absolutely straight up positive
I spy with own my eyesSomething that could make me cryBut I don't let myself
I hear with own my earsSomething that could bring a tearBut that's someone else
I know in my soulNoone else can make me wholeThat's how I liveI feel love so real
It could melt a heart of steelThat's what I give

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