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Paroles de Into my privacy

Interprétées par Ophélie Winter

CHORUS : I feel your pryin' eyes all over meU get so excited by the things U should not seeU been snoopin' round my dirty laundryPeepin' thru my window, into my privacy
I know U're watchin', I know U're hidin'I can't keep secrets when walls have earsOh! U got me spooked yeah, got me jumpyCuz' I know U're thru your 2 way mirror
U look me up, U look me down
Do I leave a good impression
I wanna know do I satisfy
Do I fit in your obsession
U hear my pillow talk, see my stocking run
Wait for me t trip just one slip of the tongue
I heard a floor board creak, I hear your camera whine
Will I see my picture in a checkout line
U dig the dirt, U kiss and tell
Don't worry if it's not the truth
To make it more sensational, U can fabricate the proof
I'm goin' down with my baby and we're in a groove
With your infrared U're watchin' my every move
Tryin' to trip my game, messin' with my brain
I pay the price of fame, did your mother tell U that it's
Rude, stickin' your business into mine
U're in the shadow where the sun don't shine
U bury your soul just to get your big headline

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