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Paroles de Up where I belong

Interprétées par Ophélie Winter

Too many promises, so many liesI've regrets but I can't turn back the timeI'm gonna make a change, start a newGonna take a chance and it's because of U
Got me feelin' like never beforeAnd with U feel so secureSo I wanna say
What I lost I have foundNow I've got to let U know that
U, take me up where I belong
It's your love that's makin' me strong
Whenever I fall, your lonvin' it takes me
Up where I belong
U came to me when I needed U most
Gave me direction
U've given me so much hope
An inspiration, the light U shine
I'm in heaven just to know that U are mine
Such a feelin' like never before
And with U I feel so secure
So I wanna say
I owe it all to U
Got to tell U from the heart that
Gotta love that's strong enough
Takes me higher than the heavens above
It feels like a dream
But I know it's true, up where I belong

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