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Paroles de Will you

Interprétées par P.o.d

See you sitting next to the window in the bedroom
She breaks down (breaks down)
Crying over over something and staring into nothing afraid now (hate now)
Wanting, needing, haunting
It's killing me
Faking what has happened tolive the life like than man
I break down I (it's fake now)

Will you?
Will you love me tomorrow?
So will you?
Will you stay with me today?

Fade in and out of reason to fight the way she's feeling
She breaks down (breaks down)
Going through to the motions and holding onto hopes
And her dreams now (somehow)
Shaken, mistaken, forsaken
It's killing me
Wishing you could change, but he's always been
If you leave now (I'll drown)

Refrain x2

this time I'm sorry
I'm sorry for this time

Refrain x2

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