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Paroles de There you'll be

Interprétées par Pearl Harbor

When I think back

On these times

And the dreams

We left behind

I'll be glad 'cause

I was blessed to get

To have you in my life

When I look back

On these days

I'll look and see your face

You were right there for me


In my dreams

I'll always see your soul

Above the sky

In my heart

There always be a place

For you for all my life

I'll keep a part

Of you with me

And everywhere I am

There you'll be

Well you showed me

How it feels

To feel the sky

Within my reach

And I always

Will remember all

The strength you

Gave to me

Your love made me

Make it through

Oh, I owe so much to you

You were right there for me


'Cause I always saw in you

My light, my strength

And I want to thank you

Now for all the ways

You were right there for me

You were right there for me

For always


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