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Paroles de What you got

Interprétées par Phoenix

what you got
Do I want
I don't know
is it true
all this cash
its oh so flash
What you got I need

Really I'm all about cash
Wanna know how much you can flash
Cause I don't care no no no
About the feelings
That you believe in
I got ya in the palm of my hand
Can't resist me
Just wanna hold me Kiss me
I don' care for that
So wheres this cash
I want it in my hand oh baby

I'm in love with your
Money babe iots got me in a spin
Move over,let me jump in
Cause your really cool
You get my heart going
Oh not you honey
Don't be daft
Its yo cash

Your like a puppy dog always
Following me around
Can't get rida ya
Not even when I go out of town
Your all over me it makes me sick
Oh honey baby I don't want ya
not even your sloppy kiss

Chorus x2

All over me like skin tight clothes
Following me where ever my assgoes
Give me a break can I have 1000 dollers

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