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Paroles de Find it fuck it forget it

Interprétées par Pig

I'm putting up a levee to keep the raging
River of manure from my front door
My pay off what pity
I'm ready for more
I've got a sucker punched and feathered heart
That can beat no more in vain
Like the bitterest pill with your sordid thrill
You run a franchise on my pain

You can't
Find it
Fuck it
Forget it

The best that can be said for you
Is you couldn't get no worse
We ride side by side on the liquorice ride
My heart is a whole you make one
More slip and I fall
To the bottom of the barrel
The more I pour
The more I pain
The more I burn
With loss and shame

You can't
Find it
Fuck it
Forget it

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