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Paroles de Shit for brains

Interprétées par Pig

Sitting in my box, waiting for you
I peep through the slits and I feel myself
Breathing tight, I'm getting hard
But it's nice and dark for the things that I do
I sweat in my cassock
When I hear you words
Tell your sins to me I will absolve thee
I run a peep show beat
Where I can beat my meat
When I see your dressing
I get to messing

Shit for brains, piss in my pants
I rape and contain the whole human race
I'm your heavenly host, the Holy Ghost
The hand of god and the stick of saints
I'm a man who's sick but I got class
I'm going to heaven with my lickin' ass
Shit for brains, piss in my pants
I rape and contain my catholic domain

Sticks and stones break my bones
Your words just crucify me
Heaven up above has a glorious god
I'd really rather have you right where I want
Right on the front full of my gunk
I slide up behind heaven in my mind
In my dreams I always whipped you
Then I stripped you

I ripped you down to my scripture

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