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Paroles de Out of my head

Interprétées par Puddle Of Mudd

What is wrong with all my friends
I know that I am unlike them
Just another situation
Donít hold me back
I donít look good to them

They always act so dirty
They keep themselves so clean
Why canít they find the answers
To the questions that are right in front of me
Iím so high, Iím never low
Iíll hold the sky, never letting go

Let it go
No ones ever listening
The lines are crossed somewhere between
My head is spinning like a top
I donít know when this shit is going to stop


You fill my cup, Iím good to go
So shake me up, ? ? ?

Iím so high, Iím never low
Iíll hold the sky, and Iím never letting go

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