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Paroles de The butcher and the butterfly

Interprétées par Queenadreena

There is a finger missing on my right hand
A butchers hand in a butterfly wing span
The sky hangs on a thread as I paint the white picket fence red
Said am I alive or am I dead?

I caught a rainbow tear in her sunset smile
I told the broken bird of my unborn child
These blood stained walls in her head
I found my girl bleeding in his bed

The angels cried in butterfly red
Her wings are torn my babies dead

I put my girl in the butcher hand
She is my curse cried fireman Sam
Heaven down below inscribed her name
My baby girls lost in amongst these flames


Oh heaven help me what have I done?
I kissed the daughter of my unborn son

Heaven down below inscribed her name
Let heaven oh heaven rain down again


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