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Paroles de Fiesta

Interprétées par R Kelly

Hm hmm hmmm
Hm hmm hmmm
Hm hmm hmmm
Hm hmm hmmm

Hm hmm hmmm
Hm hmm hmmm
Hm hmm hmmm

Chillin' in my 4.6 at the light
Bout to be VIP for the night
Shorty in a drop top V made a right
Pull upto her bumper baby, beep twice
Jumped out the whip like I was the Police
Didn't have a gun but my wrists said freeze
Got "Friday" on a DVD
She's a baller and I'm a baller, what

To all my hot girls livin' Fiesta
To all me hot boys livin' Fiesta
To all my Chi town niggas Fiesta
And all my uptown niggas Fiesta
To all my players and my hustlers Fiesta
And your sittin on them flames Fiesta
To all my honies in the club Fiesta
And if you rollin' with a thug Fiesta

We be up in the club sippin' la
Red eyed deep in the club puffin' la
Strippers in the back of the club showing la
Soon as I get a buzz I'm showing la
House on top of the hill countin' what
Whose gonna buy the bar, got enough
Take the hatas out in the back rough em up
I'm a baller, so where's my ballers
What what


We pop christ on a daily base
Plus we got honies all up in the place
Bout to wild out in a major way
So put your hands up if you're major paid
Add a little juice, to the tangarea
Let the ice show till the diamonds face
Rockland sittin' on capital hill
Trackmasters make capital deals

Now look at Gotti iced out with blingy bling
And that big body send all them gleamy things
Now Rockland niggas know the means of cream
Kelly, R&B thug and he seems the King
Got PJ nigas that can bring me green
Hot chicks down to do anything
Cop the most chicks
Cop more bricks
Pop more christ
And Kelly drop more hits

What you know about the cats that be spending the dough
Everyday drink henny and a bottle of mo'
Wild whips, hit chick blowing 20's of drole
To the club 30 deep plenty ice to show
Mommy said she'd never rolled in a 6 before (fiesta)
Never seen me and this cat this rich before
Yeah Kelly made a way for these niggas to blow
Thugged out, 2G, Rockland fo' sho
Come on


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