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Paroles de Animal

Interprétées par Rem

Hey what's the big deal?
Tell me how to feel?
I know where we boomeranged and fell from grace
Point me to the stars I'm up for the chase
I know where we fell on our face
Jump with me
You jump with me

I'M AN ANIMAL (The answer landed on my rooftop whoa)
I'M AN ANIMAL (The future and the truth on my rooftop whoa)
I'M AN ANIMAL (It's calling me to work it out) x2 Whoa

I don't wanna boomerang
I don't wanna cannonball
I'm not angling
I don't wanna fall
Tell me I'm the anchor of my own ascension
Tell me I'm a tourist in the 4th dimension?


Work it out.

I'm vibrating at the speed of the light
Take my hand, we'll wind up the night
Spin me, win me, lift me kiss me
Trip me, cuss me, trust me, judge me
Touch me now
You take my hand
You trust me now
You understand

So, what's the big deal


I'm vibrating at the speed of the light.

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