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Paroles de Bikini test

Interprétées par Rhesus

Stay outside for now
And do not try to get in
Bound to this
‘cause I don’t wanna heal it
I don’t wanna fix it
I don’t wanna hear you say
Come down, let’s talk about affection
A lotta love, a notion
That you never really did unfold
I wonder where you’re now…

Because you were away
I needed you more
I needed you to shake my bones
Because you were away, all the time
And it’s too late now
I’m singing this to say
You can never go back in time
Because you were away, yeah, yeah

Whisper my name, dad
Make me feel I’m twelve again
I’m here, hang now
No I don’t, I don’t get it
Come in now, I’m tired
My anger is fading out
I can’t take it, any longer

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