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Paroles de Sell me candy

Interprétées par Rihanna

Sell me candy like the summer
When it's melting in my hand
All year around like the ice cream man
I can hear you calling whisper something in my ear
Say it like sugar tell me what I wanna hear
I'm weak by your touch your almost knocking out my licks
A rush through my body, then you let my body tip
You selling me a fantasy that I wanna explore
Sound so good it's only rotten to the pore

Talk to me, take care of my dreams
All I need soon you sell it to me
Destiny, steady beat
Of the words you speak
Baby sell it to me

Sell me candy
Sell me love
Sell me hope
Sell me doves
What's the charge
What's the cost
Hold me daddy
You're the boss

See your professional, boy you make a sale
Try to resist but every time I fail
A one temptation that I gotta enjoy
You're running rhrough my garden now you're knocking at my door
I feel a little a kiss and now you're calling that is sweet
Shorty that you rocking girl ain't nothing like me
Selling me a fantasy that I wanna explore
Sound so good it's only rotten to the pore
You know

I want it babe
More than you know
So don't you leave and dont you go
I want it all, I'm too carefull
These arms, oh won't you roam
I want love, give you my trust
I wanna live for both of us
I wanna breath ya, lay on shoulder
I wanna warm ya when nights colder

I wanna love, love
I wanna love, love

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