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Paroles de It's de-lovely

Interprétées par Robbie Williams

I feel a sudden urge to sing the kind of ditty that invokes the Spring
So, control your desire to curse while I crucify the verse
This verse you've started seems to me the "Tin Pan-tithesis" of melody
So to spare you all the pain, I'll skip the darn thing and sing the refrain

Mi-mi-mi-mi, re-re-re-re, do-so-mi-do-la-si
(Take it away)

The night is young, the skies are clear
So if you wanna go walkin', dear
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely

I understand the reason why
You're sentimental, 'cause so am I
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely

You can tell at a glance what a swell night this is for romance
You can hear, dear Mother Nature murmuring low "Let yourself go"

So please be sweet, my chickadee
And when I kiss ya, just say to me
"It's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious
It's dilemma, it's de limit, it's deluxe, it's de-lovely"

Time marches on and soon it´s plain
You´ve won my heart and I lost my brain
It´s delightful, it´s delicious, it´s de-lovely

Life seems so sweet that we decide
It´s in the bag to get unified
It´s delightful, it´s delicious, it´s de-lovely

See the crowd in that church
See the proud parson plopped on his perch
Get the sweet beat of that organ sealing our doom
Here goes the groom – boom !

How they cheer and how they smile
As we go galopping down the aisle
It´s divine, dear, it´s de-vene, dear, it´s de-wunderbar, it´s de-victory
It´s de-velop, it´s de-vinner, it´s de-voix, it´s de-lovely

The night is tired and so we take
The few hours off to eat wedding cake
It´s delightful, it´s delicious, it´s de-lovely

It feels so fine to be a bride
And how´s the groom while he´s slightly fried
It´s divineful, it´s delicious, it´s de-lovely

To the pop of champagne off we hop in our plush little plane
´Til a bright light through the darkness cosily calls Niagara Falls

Well, my love, our day´s complete
What a beautiful bridal suite
It´s de-reamy, it´s de-rousy, it´s de-reverie, it´s de-rhapsodie
It´s de-regal, it´s de-royal, it´s de-ritz, it´s de-lovely

We settle down as man and wife
To solve the riddle called married life
It´s delightful, it´s delicious, it´s de-lovely

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