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Paroles de Man machine

Interprétées par Robbie Williams

Sitting in the cheap seats underneath the stars
I'm heading back to base, I'll drop you off at Mars
I'm sure I know your face or what star you're from
I try to make conversation but I'm too far gone

I'm a man machine, drinking gasoline, super human
being, shooting laser beams

How you gonna leave, when your bags ain't packed
And how you gonna shoot, when we're back to back
How d'you tell a joke, when you can't laugh
You know that you're a punchline, baby take a bath

I'm a queen's dream

The dog has ate my homework today, it's not done, it ain't done
I have heard they're not very well in the sun

I'm a queen's dream

How you gonna live for love lying on your back
And how you gonna keep it clean in a dirty mac
How you gonna breathe when you're lost in space
You're dazed and amused talking through a different face

'Cos I'm a man machine, drinking gasoline, I'm a teen dream
I'm a man machineX3
Drinking gasoline

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