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Paroles de Nobody someday

Interprétées par Robbie Williams

Iím a gigolo
Iím Joseph
Iím a sad light of song
And everybody that I know
Are being known for being wrong
If Iím not mistaken
This is my heart breaking
Iím the man who threw it all away
Destiny is calling
Telling me to be boring
And I donít care anyway
Gonna be nobody someday

Iím a demon that you fear
Iím the joker
Iím the thief
Iím the lonesome cowboy riding
Iím the Indian chief
Gotta watch my figure
Boy, if I get much bigger
Theyíll stick a pin in me
And Iíll blow away
But I get richer
But they take my picture
Taking my soul away
Gonna be somebody someday
Gonna be nobody someday

Iím a moonlight serenade
Iím your bed when you are cold
Iím the captain of Titanic
Iím the passenger in the hole
From the way Iím thinking
Weíll both be sinking
I knew before we sailed away
At the tip of my ego
Itís you saw anyway
Gonna be nobody someday
Gonna be somebody, la la
La la

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