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Paroles de Phoenix from the flames

Interprétées par Robbie Williams

Silence shields the pain
So you say nothing
Feel they've rigged the game
And your done with lovin'
Only you can see the darkness in the
nothern line

Phoenix from the Flames
We will rise together
They will know our names
Can you feel it
Shelter me from pain
I always wanna feel this way
Oh yeah
Just like a phoenix from the Flame

Wish they'd take you back
'Cos you miss heaven
Too many bags to pack
So leave them where they are tonight
You're flying on a golden dream


Everybody's talking nobody's listening
Too busy thinking about what you've
Been missing
Everybody said you're gonna take it
Too far baby now
Well come on
When you're done with lovin'
It comes down to nothing
Can you feel it x3


Why don't you come any deny it
You know you can't deny it
I always wanna feel this way
Just like a Phoenix from the Flames

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